Location: The library of Half Moon Lake

This library is currently not run by anyone, it was once owned by a great and friendly wizard who passed on twenty years ago.

The wizard enchanted his library to be self sustaining. All of the books are magical in nature, if they are taken from the library will return within a day; some on its own and some that bring terrible misfortune. Those brandishing weapons cannot seem to enter and harmful magic is turned back on its caster.

It is said that there many secret passages within the library. The library is magically maintained by a staff of unseen servants who ensure everything is kept clean, and floating lanterns ensure there is enough light.

There is a one sentient creature, a Iron Golem named Index, he helps visitors find what they are looking for (if asked he grants the party a +2 to their perception rolls when looking for books)

It is said that on the night of the wizards death, those who find themselves reading books are said to be whisked away to a far away place where the stories are real, but such things are only myth.

From Mikes Mind

Location: The library of Half Moon Lake

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